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This degree course has been designed as a springboard into an international business career, offering a broad range of skills which will appeal to employers and help you compete for the jobs you want.

You’ll benefit from a broad introduction to commerce, exploring the various functions found within almost all businesses – from operations to marketing, accounting and human resource management. You’ll develop your understanding of how and where businesses sell their products and services, who they sell to, how they make decisions, and what improves their chances of success.

Why Coventry University Paris Campus ?

It’s never been a more exciting time to be in Paris. Paris has long been famous as a city for Art, Fashion, Gastronomy and Literature, but NOT ONLY.

Coventry University programs are delivered in Paris, where the majority of leading French and Multinational corporations are based. It is an opportunity for your graduates to study in Paris where professionals forums, conferences and trade fairs are held.

Studying at Coventry not only opens you doors in Paris, but globally ! Graduating from a prestigious British University gives you a SOLID PLUS POINT on your CV, offers opportunities to work in fashion, high tech, hospitality, trade, luxury goods, retail as well as multimedia.

And do it through English the British way ! Students in Paris follow the same course as offered by Coventry University in the UK. Courses are 100% through English delivered by an international academic team with a wide variety of extensive business experience. During your academic year in France, you will attend two semesters of classes, can avail of work experience opportunities, and complete a research thesis. You will then graduate at an official Coventry University ceremony in the UK and hold a Coventry University Bachelor degree in Global Business.

Course information

You’ll learn to analyse the goals, functions and strategies which drive organisations, exploring financial and operations management, marketing, performance measurement, project management, and how to develop the workforce for competitive advantage.

You’ll also choose two of four optional taught modules, permitting you to focus on particular areas of interest such as international investment, marketing communications, corporate social responsibility or international trade.
The course will help you to develop professional skills such as entrepreneurship, business research and strategic decision-making. You’ll focus on your own leadership and management abilities, building on your intercultural, communication, negotiation, collaboration and problem-solving skills.

One of the key themes of this course is ‘entrepreneurship’ – which is ideal if you’re interested in starting your own business, but it also means so much more. Even big businesses are interested in embedding entrepreneurial skills within their organisations, because they value visionary and independent thinking, determined and resilient individuals, and the ability to launch agile teams, sub-brands, products and services. And if you do want to set up your own business, we offer start-up advice and support during the course.

To help you reach your maximum potential on this course, we offer a wide range of support at any stage of your studies. This includes help with academic writing and referencing, how to study and research effectively, digital and IT support, and help with employability (including job-hunting, CVs and interviews). You’ll also be assigned an academic mentor and a personal tutor.

Course Structure

Code structure Global Business

We welcome international students from all around the globe. If you are an international student and are interested in applying for the Bachelor of Hons.
Once your application form has been processed you will receive the outcome of your application via your given email address.
Please be aware you will need the following information in order to make your application :

  • All academic transcripts
  • Copies of degree/diploma certificates or work reference if employed
  • One academic reference (optional)
  • Be trained to English language proficiency level IELTS 6.0 (HNC – year 1/HND – year 2) or IELTS 6.5
    (Degree/Top Up – year 3).
  • Your personal statement
  • Copy of your current passport

Applications from candidates with relevant experience will be considered on an individual basis.
English as a Foreign Language : This course requires IELTS of 6.5 or equivalent.

Fess Global Business


Some of your time will be spent in traditional lectures and their follow-up seminars. There is an emphasis on teamwork and group work, partly because this reflects the workplace and partly because there’s so much you can learn by working with, and listening to, other students. Class sizes are small, so you’ll receive plenty of individual attention and you’ll get to know your tutors and fellow students well.

Even in the classroom, the emphasis is on practical skills and on exposure to business practice – through discussion and debate, presentations, report-writing, case studies, and business simulations. You’ll also benefit from guest lectures delivered by leading industry experts.

Your learning will extend beyond the classroom thanks to field trips (including overseas options) and opportunities for work experience. With London on your doorstep, you’ll be encouraged to learn from all that the city’s business environment has to offer: there are countless opportunities for you to visit museums, exhibitions and conferences, to work part-time, or even to volunteer. You’ll also be expected to use some of your personal time for self-directed research and study: this is a valuable skill which will serve you well throughout your professional career.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn many essential ‘soft’ skills such as self-reliance, resilience, leadership, teamwork, communication, numeracy and digital literacy, and the ability to explain complex information in a clear way. We encourage a logical approach to work, building your business acumen and your ability to creatively solve problems and challenges. We also focus on developing our students to become ethical, responsible individuals who can work with and lead other people from diverse cultures and backgrounds while demonstrating global citizenship and social responsibility.


On successful completion, you should understand:

  • the core functions which exist within businesses (such as finance, marketing, human resource management and operations) in a global context
  • the processes involved in running a business, including accounting, planning, project management and logistics, and how these can vary between countries
  • how to manage the organisation’s resources, including people, products and finances
  • how to collect, analyse, interpret and present data and information in order to support well-informed management decision-making
  • many of the challenges and issues faced by businesses, especially when working multi-culturally and/or across borders
  • a wide range of the risks faced by businesses, especially internationally, and demonstrate knowledge of how to investigate, analyse and manage those risks
  • the importance of entrepreneurial working (supported by innovation and creativity), and its potential even within existing organisations


Every student in France with a valid student visa has the right to work there, whether you are French or not. During the summer break, you can begin to work on an internship. You will be responsible for finding positions but we will support you through the process. You may extend your work to continue during your final semester on approval of the Course Co-ordinator.
French law authorizes non-French students to work up to a maximum of 964 hours per year. On completion of studies, non-French students are also eligible to work in France in a job which is related to their qualification, as long as the contract is signed with in the final two months of a student visa.

What our student say

  I found welcoming tutors here, who have prior experience of working in actual businesses. They helped me forget my nervousness – I have never felt so comfortable in a class. 


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