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Here’s what our students say :

Along with the improving English, I also got to discover another system of education, i.e., the “British” way of learning during my Bachelor. The English language courses not only focused at reading and listening but also, allowed us to write and speak easily.

Julia R.

Coventry University gave me an opportunity to manage a new way of learning. I discovered a new approach of Business and Management, through the concept of globalization. Moreover, this degree allowed me to realize the necessity of handling situations with the differences in cultures in every market and the importance of adaptation for companies in a constantly changing world.

Victor K.

During my course, I came across a system of education that corresponded perfectly to my needs. I could see myself getting better at English and today I am a fluent English speaker. This opened the door to many opportunities as speaking English has become essential for a lot of companies and also to enhance international relations.

François D.

This program was a great experience for me and got me everything I needed to enter the work market. I learnt to be more autonomous. I improved my English and now the International Market was also open to me.

Sydney M.

Up to my expectation, Coventry University allowed me to not only improve my English, but to also acquire a different approach to work, compared to the ones I had developed earlier. Thanks to the new approaches of learning, I was able to become more autonomous than before.

Victoire L.