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This intensive course is for people who want to use high-level project management skills to make a difference to the performance of global businesses. All of our teaching will reflect the kind of tasks and challenges you may be likely to face in the professional environment. Study with us for a master’s degree in International Project Management and you will have the opportunity to learn the latest, most relevant techniques, and best practice. At the end of the second semester, you will have the opportunity to sit for PRINCE2 certification as part of your studies. The course also prepares you to sit for a range of other professional qualifications including AGILE, PMP, SCRUM and APM upon graduation.

Why Coventry University Paris Campus ?

It’s never been a more exciting time to be in Paris. Paris has long been famous as a city for Art, fashion, gastronomy and literature. But did you know that France is the fifth biggest economic power in the world, has one of the most well designed and efficient transport networks in the world (home of the TGV), has the third highest workforce productivity rate in the world, and has the highest number of venture capital backed businesses in Europe ? And let’s not forget that Paris will be hosting The Rugby World Cup in 2023 and the Olympics in 2024 ! To meet these opportunities, Paris needs people with business skills and in particular those skilled in international project management.

And do it through English the British way ! Students in Paris follow the same course as offered by Coventry University in the UK. Courses are 100% through English delivered by an international academic team with a wide variety of extensive business experience. During your academic year in France, you will attend two semesters of classes, can avail of work experience opportunities, and complete a research thesis. You will then graduate at an official Coventry University ceremony in the UK and hold a Coventry University Master of Science degree.

Course information

The world of global business is looking for the next generation of highly professional and competent project managers. We designed this master’s course to help you become one of them.

You will have the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills, as well as the practical and innovative project management tools needed to become a business leader in many industries. You will learn how to control complex projects which enable organisations to compete on the global market.

This course has been built around the skills at the heart of the Association of Project Managers and PRINCE2. You’ll have the chance to learn to live by the two key issues in modern project management: choosing the right project, and doing the project right ! You will have the opportunity to develop key management skills such as planning & controlling, risk management, leadership, quality management, team management, communication, and negotiation.

Course Structure

This course is delivered part-time over two years. You may follow this course “en alternance” as part of our collaboration with Collège de Paris (RNCP Niveau 7). It follows a modular framework of 90 ECTS credits (180 CATS). All modules are mandatory.

The course features an innovative and stimulating teaching and learning environment. Business simulations aiming to train professional project managers are integrated throughout the curriculum, enabling students to apply their aggregated learning from individual modules into a real business situation, develop solutions and evaluate performance.

Work-based learning approach is adopted across all the modules with the focus on student-led live projects. Students are encouraged to work in teams or individually with organisations on real business projects throughout their studies.

Part Time Course Structure

Part Time Course Structure

A second class honours bachelor degree (2:2) or equivalent.
Applications from candidates with relevant experience will be considered on an individual basis. Work experience is desirable but not essential.
English as a Foreign Language : This course requires IELTS of 6.5 or equivalent.

Course code : RENT***CL Starting : September 2021
Study period : Two years part-time Fees : €11,500 (for students enroling ‘en initiale’)
Location : Coventry University Paris Campus Faculty : Coventry University Paris Campus

Career prospects

When you graduate from our MSc International Project Management, you should have developed skills to be a well-rounded, highly skilled individual who can combine a hands-on approach with the ability to think strategically.

And that means you could be in demand among employers in private, public and third-sector organisations around the world. In addition to your project management skills, you should have developed a wide range of soft skills which are transferable across all industries. For example, you should have well-developed powers of analysis, clear perspectives on strategy, highly effective organisation and communication skills, research skills, and leadership and people-management skills.

Independent of the industry or sector you choose, this master’s degree in International Project Management will prepare you for success in a wide range of leadership and management roles.

Apprenticeships (Alternance)

Project Management is a very practical skill and is best learned hands on. For this reason, we are very pleased to offer this possibility to students from September 2021. Classes are held once a week allowing you to work four days a week in your chosen company. To complement these classes, there will be a number of 5-day workshops over the year.


Every student in France with a valid student visa has the right to work there, whether you are French or not. During the summer break, you can begin to work on an internship. You will be responsible for finding positions but we will support you through the process. You may extend your work to continue during your final semester on approval of the Course Co-ordinator.

French law authorizes non-French students to work up to a maximum of 964 hours per year. On completion of studies, non-French students are also eligible to work in France in a job which is related to their qualification, as long as the contract is signed with in the final two months of a student visa.

Where our graduates can work

You could choose to pursue a career in project management itself, or you could use your skills in a range of other careers – perhaps in operations, finance, logistics, facilities or marketing.

Depending on your background and experience, you might apply to join a project team at a large UK or international organisation. Alternatively, you might apply to become a business consultant, or you might want to start your own business and become self-employed. You can be sure that there are plenty of opportunities for good project management graduates!

You don’t need to have a clear picture of your future before you apply for this course. This course aims to help you discover your own strengths and interests, and find that your aspirations over time.

What our staff say

 Understanding the complexities of international business and managing projects across multiple countries is essential in today’s changing world. Being ready to hit the job market with such practical skills is a real plus. Employers want employees who are ready to pull up their sleeves and get working. 

Deirdre Mathelin, MSc Programme Co-ordinator, formerly Engineering Projects Director for CEVA (NASDAQ: CEVA)

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